Grace Kirkwood

Assistant Producer, Freelance

Grace started as a trainee journalist in the BBC Scotland newsroom in 2014. More recently she can be found checking-in 30 bags of excess luggage with crew as they head all over the world. Whether it’s packed in with religious revellers in Jerusalem on BBC 1’s Sacred Wonders or in remote Yunnan in China for a series on the global story of tea, Grace is there with a smile and a plan.

In her spare time Grace also produced a series of online documentaries called The New Scots which won a RTS Scotland award in the short form category.

In the future Grace would like to produce and direct award winning documentaries and potentially run her own production company.

"Grace has that wonderful combination: a strongly developed journalistic story-telling instinct, alongside the empathy of a people-person. She is tenacious, creative and ‘owns’ any story." Annabel Hobley - Series Producer - Freelance/BBC Studios

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