Drama:  Miss Scarlet & The Duke, The Last Barabarian and Clean Sweep 

Non-Scripted: Dancing with the Stars, Home of the Year, How to Live well and Prosper? 

“We make 60-75 hours of TV per year.”

We are always looking for great new, fresh formats. As a drama producer, we are looking for channels that want new, fresh writing talent, and want to co-produce.
We can access the tax credits and supports from both parts of Ireland, in the Northern irealnd office, we access the UK Tax Credit and support of Northern Ireland Screen. In Irish Republic, we access the Tax Credit 32% and Screen Ireland and local broadcasters. 

And people who add to our happy group of networked “mad about great content” friends globally. 

Larry Bass tells ConnectED about his company’s move into drama and the opportunities Ireland has to offer as the only English-speaking territory in Europe (with Malta) in a post-Brexit scenario.