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British-Chinese documentary, Tales from Modern China, (pictured) produced by Lion TV and Jiangsu Broadcasting Corp was heralded as a proof of the internationalisation of the Chinese market. Anticipating our Focus on China session at this year’s Festival, we have spoken to JBC’s Qin Xaoming and Thunder Communications International’s Charles Lei. Watch their clips to find out how to capitalise on new opportunities in the territory and navigate the market’s specific requirements.

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In a Post-Brexit Europe, Ireland would emerge as the only English-speaking territory in the Union (except Malta.) Both Director of Acquisitions & Coproduction, RTE, Dermot Horan and CEO of independent production company, ShinAwiL Larry Bass see this as a golden opportunity for Ireland and UK companies with an appetite to coproduce in the territory. RTE’s Canadian coproduction Acceptable Risk (pictured) is indicative of the content coming out of the territory.

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