Working with China

Introducing the Chinese Delegation

Principal Partner of ConnectED:

Huanhuan Xia, CEO of Zespa Media China and Representative of CHS Media

Huanhuan heads up Zespa Media China. She is an award-winning producer and director with over 10 years’ experience. She provides strategic leadership and oversees all productions in China. Prior to joining Zespa Media China, Huanhuan worked as Producer for CCTV, the state broadcaster of China.

Rebecca Jiang, Vice President, Beijing Zhongkai Guanghui Cultural Development Co., Ltd

Rebecca Jiang has a track record of working in film co-production, programming team for film festival, film acquisition and distribution as well as in journalism.
From 2005 she worked on award-winning feature films such as The Kite Runner (dir. by Marc Foster), The Painted Veil (starring Edward Norton and Naomi Watts), The Curse of Golden Flower (dir. by Zhang Yimou), Lust, Caution (dir. by Ang Lee) and The Expendable 2 (dir. by Simon West) among many others.
Apart from the production side, Rebecca also had experience in programming for film festivals as well as acquiring films for inflight entertainment. Under her negotiation, the company successfully acquired Japanese films such as Like Father, Like Son.
She also worked as a senior producer for China Daily (Hong Kong).
In 2017 she completed an advanced film producing course at UCLA’s School of Theatre, Film and Television, in Los Angeles. After that, she started to work as an independent film producer with her company Nine Rive Films. Her current projects include social-issue related family drama “Love in Her Hand” and two documentaries in development.

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