Charlie Melville

Shooting Producer, Freelance

Charlie’s TV career began in 2016, after years working across the world as a travel writer, and then as a keyworker in a London children's charity. This wealth of experience comes into her filmmaking, bringing her passion for storytelling and ability to connect with people to documentaries that explore our human condition and the things that connect us. A self-taught self-shooter, she is moving into directing – gaining a place on the NFTS Shooting for Female Directors course in 2019 – and is currently producing the BBC1 1x60 on male eating disorders with Freddie Flintoff, for South Shore.

Charlie's career goal is to direct powerful, uplifting films that challenge how people think, and to work with brilliant people along the way.

"Charlie is an outstanding shooting producer / director. Her experience of working with disadvantaged communities around the UK gives her documentary filming an extraordinary insight and empathy." Leo Burley, Director

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