Art Sejdiu

Development AP, RDF Television

The son of Kosovar refugees, Art works right across the development slates at RDF and Fizz (RDF’s entertainment label), and has helped get shows commissioned by the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Before turning his professional attention to telly, Art not only appeared on multiple quiz shows (winning some!) but also hosted viral post-pub-politics YouTube series Boozenight. He still makes time to be a voracious consumer of TV – and has watched nearly 50 series of Survivor to date.

Outside of work, Art plays for Wildwood Rangers FC – probably the greatest Sunday League football club in London.

Art's big dream is to create an exciting, award-winning format that sells around the world.

"Impressive from his first day with us, Art’s USP (apart from his towering height) is his genuine curiosity, charm and boundless imagination. He’s a natural-born developer. Every team needs an Art!" Mel Bezalel, Director of Development, RDF Television

"Art is a huge talent. A creative force with a passion for television. He loves his work and that infectious enthusiasm rubs off on all of us." Jim Allen, Managing Director, RDF Television

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