Aodh Breathnach

Shooting Producer / Shooting PD, Freelance

Aodh is a documentary Shooting Producer / Shooting PD with an interest in films that empower disadvantaged communities and portray a sense of hope. He’s London-based but grew up between Southwest England and Southern Ireland - two places he calls home. Returning to his hometown in 2018 to make Hard Up, a BBC Three series about young people in rural areas, has further inspired him to develop his own ideas and make films that empower their subjects. Other credits include BBC One’s Ambulance, BBC Three’s Drugsland, and Channel 4’s recent series that was filmed during lockdown, Paramedics: Britain’s Lifesavers.

Aodh’s aim is to self-shoot and direct documentaries that are socially conscious, visually captivating and portray a sense of humanity, humour and warmth.

"Aodh's flair and technical expertise in shooting combined with his caring personal attitude with contributors makes him a superb asset to any documentary" Sacha Mirzoeff, Comissioning Editor & Head of Channel 4 Bristol

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