Alice Keane

Producer, Freelance

Alice is a tenacious go-getter with a huge amount of passion and energy.

Having completed a graduate scheme in the City, Alice made her move into TV, becoming a Producer after two years. As a former triathlete she was no stranger to 5am starts, to smiling in the face of adversity, or to going the extra mile! Her two most recent doc series are Paramedics: Britain’s Lifesavers (Channel 4) and Cops Like Us (BBC2).

The greater the challenge, the more Alice is in her element. She has brilliant editorial instincts and puts people from all walks of life at ease. She has an extraordinary ability to get the best out of contributors and gain access in the trickiest of situations.

When she’s not filming in the back of an ambulance, eating toast in the edit, or camping out in a Premier Inn on the M6, Alice makes time to do voluntary work. She’s a trained counsellor for the NSPCC, answering calls from young people who ring Childline for help.

Alice’s ultimate goal is to run a Channel, and to do her best to help make the industry a better place along the way.

"Once in a while, someone comes along whose instincts, determination and drive knock you for six. I want Alice on all my productions." Ros Ponder, Executive Producer, Dragonfly Film and Television Productions

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