The TV Foundation Board

The TV Foundation board members are responsible for the umbrella charity which owns the TV Festival (charity number SCO30821). The TV Foundation’s activities are focussed are improving accessibility, inclusivity and development for those working in TV and have helped over 4,000 people since 1991. These senior professionals meet four times a year to discuss finance, governance, strategy, year-round work and longer-term goals, as well as ensuring the TV Foundation fulfils its charitable aims. Its initiatives include The Network, Ones To Watch, TV PhD, AHTV and The Living Wage in TV Campaign.

The Board is headed by Executive Chair Fatima Salaria and its directors are:

Adam Barker

Acting Editor


Angela Jain



Babita Bahal

Head of Creative Diversity

Channel 4’

Charlotte Moore

Director of Content


Fatima Salaria

Managing Director

Naked Television

Jackie Myburgh

Apple TV+

Production Executive for Europe/Africa

Saskia Schuster

Head of Scripted

Fulwell 73

Susan Johnston


Somerset House Trust

Tamara Howe

Media Executive

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