Career Resources

Kickstart Your Career in TV

Applying for The Network and gaining a place on the scheme is a money-can’t-buy opportunity to kickstart your career in television.

However, there are also plenty of other resources available online to help you progress in the world of TV. The organisations listed below offer advice, training and access to industry events, many of which are free or discounted for new entrants. Broadcasters and production companies’ websites are obviously an ideal place to look for job listings and work experience placements, but many also have helpful career sections with application tips, videos and articles. These websites are also ideal places to research shows and programme-makers you admire.

You can also check out some of our top career tips below – produced each year to help our Networkers take their first big step in their TV career. Though it’s written specifically with Network alumni in mind, many of the tips will be relevant to any new starter in the television industry.

2017 Top Tips: Getting a Foot in the Door