The Edinburgh TV Festival Talent Schemes aim to attract talented people from all backgrounds. We particularly encourage applications from Black, Asian, ethnic minority, and disabled applicants as these groups are currently underrepresented in the television sector.

If you have any questions about your eligibility for the scheme after reading these FAQs, please email talentschemes@thetvfestival.com.

Question: Do I have to be a student?
Answer: Absolutely not. The Network is open to everyone over 18, regardless of educational background.

Question: What qualifications do I need?
Answer: You don’t need a degree or any qualifications to be eligible for The Network, we are interested in your potential and passion.

Question: I am still at college/university – can I apply?
Answer: You can apply, as long as you are in your final year of college or university and aren’t planning on continuing your education beyond August 2022.

Question: I am not at college/university now – but am starting or thinking of starting in Autumn 2022, can I still apply?
Answer: You must be available to start work in television from September 2022, so if you will be studying full-time, you can’t apply until your final year. If your application is successful and we subsequently discover you are planning to be in full-time education in Autumn 2022, we will need to revoke your invitation to participate in The Network.

Question: I’m 17. Can I apply?
Answer: You need to be over 18 to take part in The Network. You can apply if you are 17 but you MUST have turned 18 by 20 August 2022.

Question: Is there an age limit?
Answer: No, just an experience limit. If you’re looking to change careers and you’ve had no more than 3 months’ paid TV experience we want to hear from you too.

Question: Do I have to live in Edinburgh/be from Scotland to apply?
Answer: Anyone living in the UK can apply, and you don’t have to move to Scotland to take part in the scheme.

Question: Can I apply if I’m not originally from the UK?
Answer: Yes, you can, as long as you predominantly reside in the UK and have the right to work here. Our aim is to help you get a job in the British TV industry, so we can’t be of much help if you aren’t able to work here.

Question: I want to be a presenter/actor – will going on The Network help?
Answer: No. The Network is about finding talented people who want to work behind the camera. It’s not about launching your presenting or acting career. Please do not apply if this is your career goal. If you are interested in being a presenter, consider applying for the Future Presenter Award at the New Voice Awards.

Question: I want to be a writer – can I apply?
Answer: If you’re interested in being involved in production and are happy working on other people’s projects as a runner, script editor or development assistant first, then yes, you can definitely apply. If you’d rather just work on your own scripts, then you’re better off finding representation for your work with an agent. You could also enter your scripts into new talent competitions, like our New Script Award or other opportunities via BBC Writersroom.

Question: Do I need experience of working in the TV industry?
Answer: No, The Network is open to anyone aged 18+ who is passionate about TV and is aimed at those with little or no professional experience. It’s the first step into the television industry. We are looking for people with an enthusiasm and demonstrable interest in working in TV. However, if you’ve already had plenty of work experience placements and lots of paid work in television, you may be over-qualified for the scheme. The Network is designed to help fresh new talent kick-start their career in the TV industry.

We suggest that those who have had more than three months of work in TV are overqualified for the scheme. By three months, we mean three months’ worth of paid work in total over your entire career so far. If you’d done two weeks of running in 2020; one day of logging in 2021 and two days of running this year, that would only count as 2.5 weeks of paid work total, so you would be eligible to apply.

Not getting a place on The Network is certainly not a judgement that you’re unsuited to work in the industry – if you’re already doing well on your own, then the scheme probably isn’t right for you. Once you’ve been in the industry for more than 3 years, it may be worth considering applying for our more senior talent scheme, Ones to Watch.

If you’re unsure if you’re too qualified for the scheme, please email a copy of you CV to talentschemes@thetvfestival.com.

Question: Can I apply if I have been previously unsuccessful?
Answer: Yes, many Network delegates gain a place after applying two or three times.

Question: Can I apply if I have attended The Network before?
Answer: No, you cannot attend The Network more than once. You also cannot apply again if you were previously awarded a place that you did not take up.

If you're still unsure about whether or not you are eligible, please get in touch.

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