Question: When does The Network take place?
Answer: The Network 2021 will take place digitally over 3 days in August. Candidates will be given confirmed dates on being invited to assessment. Successful applicants will also receive a free pass for the Edinburgh TV  Festival which will take place over the last week of August.

Question: How long does it go on for?
Answer: The Network in August lasts 3 days, but the experience continues long beyond that. You’ll be paired with a Ones to Watch mentor for a year, and you’ll be invited to join for The Network at Work pool, which starts in the autumn and helps connect you with entry-level job opportunities.  You will also join our alumni group, through which you will receive special offers, invitations to exclusive alumni events, and access to further training.

Question: What will I need to pay for?
Answer: The costs of the course itself are covered for you. We don’t anticipate there being any in-person elements in August of 2021, but bursaries will be available if there are any travel or accommodation requirements. We can also help with the technical requirements of joining the digital elements of the scheme if you need them.

Question: What will I be doing in on The Network?
Answer: You will be taking part in 3 days of sessions and masterclasses . The masterclasses are hosted by top industry professionals and are about current shows and industry themes. See what 2019’s Networkers got up to by watching our promo film, or take a look at last year’s programme.

Question: Who will I meet?
Answer: We can’t confirm the actual names of people you will meet until July. But we can promise you that you will be meeting some of the most influential and important people in the media industry, including scriptwriters, producers, channel controllers, talent managers and commissioning editors.

Question: Will I be able to attend sessions at the TV Festival?
Answer: This year, Network delegates will have access to all of the TV Festival’s online sessions.

Question: Will I get a job at the end of it?
Answer: We can’t promise that – but the whole aim of The Network is to make you as employable as possible so you have the best chance of finding work after the festival. TV is a notoriously difficult industry to get into, so getting that foot in the door and making contacts really helps. The Network at Work also offers exclusive paid placements and advertises opportunities that are often the first jobs that lead to a career in television.

If you have any questions or concerns about being on the scheme, please get in touch.

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