• Application Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips to help you with your application

1. We welcome applications from people with an interest in ANY area of TV(apart from presenting and acting)
The TV industry is very broad (especially when you include digital platforms and short form content) and there are literally hundreds of roles you can consider in dozens of different genres.

2. We want to get an idea of who you are so use your own voice and be honest
Please tell us what you think, rather than what you think we want to hear. We really want to get a sense of your personality and opinions in your answer.

3. Please make sure you have supplied accurate contact details

  • email address*
  • mobile number

4. You can submit your answers to the application questions as either a written answer or a video. Please only submit your application as either a video response or written response, not both. We don’t have a preference, simply choose the format you feel most confident with.

4a. If you are are completing a written application, make sure you check your application carefully for spelling and grammar mistakes.
If you know spelling and grammar are not your strong point ask someone to check it over for you. It’s very easy to miss your own mistakes! For more written application tips click here.

4b. If you are completing a video application, check that the links you are sending us work and that we can clearly hear what you are saying.
If you feel you’re a stronger speaker than you are a writer, you can film yourself talking and send us a Youtube link. Fore more video application tips click here

5. If you’ve applied before, try not to reuse the exact same answers, even if they got you through to the assessment stage.
The same person/people could be marking your application again, and even if they don’t specifically remember your answer, it may mean that your ideas don’t feel fresh. If you’ve been unsuccessful in the past, it may also be useful to read this page.

*Please use a personal email account (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail, etc.) rather than one supplied by your work/college as we’d like to keep in touch with you and offer you future opportunities. It also needs to be an email account you check regularly, as all correspondence regarding your application will be done electronically.

If you have any questions not answered here or in the pages below, please contact talentschemes@thetvfestival.com