Answering the Ones to Watch application questions

Your application will be marked on your CV and your answers to four main questions. Decide if you would prefer to write your answers or film your responses as a video. It is up to you which format you choose – both types of answer will be treated equally.

The four questions you will be marked on are:

  1. Tell us about a TV programme that has had a major impact, either positive or negative, on you as a viewer over the past year, and why you feel so strongly about it? (200 words / 2 minutes max)
  2. What are your immediate career goals, and how do you think Ones to Watch can help with these, both in Edinburgh and beyond? (200 words / 2 minutes max)
  3. As part of Ones to Watch, you will be assigned a mentee from our new entrant talent scheme, The Network. Imagine that you were going to give a short talk to the Networkers in Edinburgh. Outline the content of this talk, which should both inform and inspire them as they start out in the TV industry. (300 words / 3 minutes max)
  4. Is the television industry out of touch with its audience? Discuss with examples, drawing from both your professional experience and your experience as a viewer. (400 words / 4 minutes max)

If you’re answering via video, present your answers in any way that you feel comfortable – it can be something as simple as you talking into the camera on your phone, or a more finely edited piece of content. These should then be uploaded to YouTube as individual videos (one video per question answered), with the privacy set to “Unlisted” so you can share the links with us on the application form, without it being seen by the world (unless, of course, that’s something you want).

Whatever medium you decide to use, we really want to get a sense of your voice and your opinions – these should be answers that only you could have come up with. Don’t just tell us what you think we want to hear! When you’re composing your responses, it’s also worth thinking about “Why Ones to Watch? Why this year?” and articulating what specifically the scheme could do for you, and vice-versa. And lastly, don’t forget to show us that you really do love TV.


If there are any questions not covered here or on our FAQS, please get in touch on