Sir David Attenborough

broadcaster & naturalist

David Attenborough has been the face of  natural history films  for upward of  50 years, watched and loved  by billions of people around the world; his series including Planet Earth II, Life on Earth, Life of Mammals, Life in the Undergrowth, Blue Planet and Galapagos 3D.  His unique career has embraced all the great technological revolutions in broadcasting including  colour, HD and 3D and he has won multiple Emmys and British Academy (BAFTA) awards. David was knighted in 1985 and was The Queen gave Sir David  Britain’s highest honour, the Order of Merit, which is limited to 24 people around the world. Sir David is also a Fellow of  The Royal Society, one of the foremost scientific institutions in the world. In Britain, David Attenborough is considered a national treasure and last year was voted Britain’s most popular trusted person.

Sir David’s films continue to push the boundaries of camera technology and CGI in factual storytelling. Recent ambitious multimedia projects such as Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur, include both apps and virtual reality which both entertain and educate