Riina Hyytiä

CEO and Producer
Dionysos Films


Dionysos Films is an independent production company founded in 2008 by producer Riina Hyytiä and writer-director Johanna Vuoksenmaa. Riina Hyytiä,  the CEO of the company, has worked as a producer form film and television for over 20 years. Riina produced and directed a political satire Emperor’s Secret (2006), which was the first ever computer animated feature in Finland. Her projects have been both award winning and commercial successes, including six films with over 100,000 admissions (the territory’s “blockbuster” line). These include her most recent films Tatu and Patu (2016), Adult Camp (2015), and 21 Ways To Ruin a Marriage, which was the number one domestic film in Finland in 2013 with over 400,000 admissions. Hyytiä has also produced award-winning series including two seasons of Click Me drama-comedy (24x45min) and the latest series Living With My Ex, which goes in to production of it’s second season in August 2017. The remake rights of both series are sold to Sweden (B-reel and Bob Film). Hyytiä also produced Deadwind (12x48min), an international
crime-series, set to premier in 2018.

Hyytiä completed a Doctor of Arts degree in 2004 from University of Art and Design Helsinki. She also served many years on the board of the Central Organization of the Finnish Film Producers.