Rahul Puri

chief technical officer
Magine TV

Rahul Puri is the Chief Technical Officer at Magine TV, the Swedish cloud based TV service. Puri is responsible for the innovation, delivery, and development of the Magine product globally and is key to shaping Maigne’s vision for the next generation of live television experiences.

Throughout his professional career, Puri has driven business and technology innovation by tackling the most complex problems and has overseen the delivery of large technology initiatives in both public and private sectors. At Grupo PRISA, Puri was responsible for the implementation of the YOMVI OTT platform for Canal+ in Spain. Prior to working at Grupo PRISA, Puri was the Chief Software Architect for New York City Health and Human Services where he drove technology innovation to transform the delivery of health and social services to New York City’s most vulnerable populations.