Laura Korkoian

Executive Producer
Bunin-Murray Productions

Laura Korkoian is an Emmy-winning producer and director. Her reality television credits include MTV’s The Real World, Starting Over, The Bad Girls Club and The Simple Life, among many others.

Born and raised in Michigan, Laura moved to Los Angeles after graduating from the University of Michigan to attend graduate school at the California School of Professional Psychology. After graduating with a doctorate in clinical psychology, Dr, Korkoian was offered a job as a casting associate at Bunin-Murray Productions. Under the guidance of the production company owners, Laura grew into learning the mechanics of making television shows and worked her way up from casting to exe executive producing.

In 2016, Born This Way, on the A&E network, won the Emmy award for Best Unstructured Reality Programming.  This year, Born This Way is nominated for six Emmys, Best Unstructured Reality Show, Editing, Casting and Cinematography.