Judge Rinder

criminal barrister

Rob Rinder is an exceptional British barrister who has instructed some of the most high profile cases of recent years, including the New Year’s Eve shootings of Leticia Shakespeare and Charlene Ellis and the manslaughter of Iraqi detainees by British soldiers.

In his career as a barrister Robert regularly defended cases in large-scale fraud, murder, serious violence and money laundering and is an expert in criminal defence, fraud and international crime. He is the co-author of the Solicitors’ Handbook on money laundering and gives lectures across the country on financial crime.

Robert also works internationally and most recently investigated senior Government officials in the Turks and Caicos Islands for major corruption. He’s also advised in cases of war crimes and human rights abuses in Sierra Leone.

Robert has been sitting as ITV’s Judge Rinder since 2014 – the first episode transmitted on August 11 2014. His inimitable style has made the show a huge success regularly pulling in ratings in excess of a million viewers. He also presents Crime Stories for ITV, which plays on Daytime and at 8pm, winning a consolidated audience of over three million.