Josh Knauer

co-founder, CEO, president

Josh is a co-founder, CEO and President of Rhiza, an emerging leader in marketing analytics. Rhiza is an online platform pioneering the way marketers and salespeople make Big Data actionable.

With Rhiza, companies can access multiple data sets in one tool, from big syndicated datasets to their own proprietary survey data. The easy-to-use platform allows anyone to create a polished, data-driven marketing presentation in minutes that can be exported straight to PowerPoint, mobile devices, or the web. Rhiza has increased revenue for media companies and consumer brands, and is used by a rapidly growing list of major brands, including: Comcast, BBC, Cox Media and Cox Reps.

Josh has been a social entrepreneur for the past 20 years, creating and leading successful organizations in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. In Spring of 2010, Josh was appointed by the Obama Administration to a working group of President Obama’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Prior to Rhiza Labs, Josh led MAYA Design’s Information Commons project. Before that, he founded and served as CEO of Green Marketplace, a clearing-house for socially and environmentally responsible products, services and information, which he sold to Gaiam in 2002.