Jordan Passon

Director of Product Placement and Branded Integration

Jordan is the Director of Product Placement and Branded Integration at Microsoft.  Her lifelong passion for television and film led to a career in advertising beginning at DDB Chicago, where she worked on iconic brands from Wheaties to Westin Hotels and Resorts.  She came to Microsoft in 1997 to bring her CPG media and advertising experience to the technology industry.  For the past five years, Jordan has been working with content creators and influentials in the entertainment community to bring Microsoft front and center in pop culture through branded integrations, product placement, and branded content.   Jordan approaches her work from a slightly non-traditional perspective because while she is an expert in marketing communications strategy and branding, she also has a deep understanding and respect for storytelling and production having produced a feature-length documentary a few years ago.  And, she watches more TV than any person I’ve ever met!  She’s a super-fan of the work you do and is delighted to be here to speak with you tonight.