The Alternative MacTaggart

In 1997 the Edinburgh International Television Festival launched the Alternative MacTagart.  Billed as a dynamic ‘alternative’ to the famous James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture, the platform gives a media visionary an opportunity to present an inspirational view of the broadcasting future.

2016 Sharon Horgan, actor, writer, producer


2015 Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland and Leader SNP
2014 (No Alternative MacTaggart)
2013 Mary Portas, Retail Expert & Broadcaster
2012 Charlie Brooker, Journalist, Screenwriter & Broadcaster
2011 Professor Brian Cox, Particle Physicist and TV Presenter
2010 Paul Abbott, Writer & Broadcaster
2009 Anthony McPartlin & Declan Donnelly
2008 Armando Iannucci, Writer & Director
2007 Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google
2006 Al Gore
2005 Germaine Greer
2004 Ray Snoddy
2003 Rod Liddle
2002 Geraldo Rivera, War Correspondent, Fox News
2001 Michael Wolff, Author, Burn Rate
2000 James Murdoch, CEO and Chairman, Star TV
1999 Nick Donatiello, CEO, Odyssey
1998 Jane Rinzler Buckingham, President, Youth Intelligence
1997 Douglas Rushkoff, Author, Media Virus

The Worldview Address

The Worldview Address, a global view of the television business and beyond, was launched in 1990.

2014 Mike Lombardo, President of Programming, HBO
2013 (No Worldview Address)
2012 Bassem Youssef, Satirist & Host of ‘Al Bernameg’
2011 Alex Crawford, Sky News Reporter, RTS Journalist of the Year
2010 (No Worldview Address)
2009 Gerhard Zeiler, CEO, RTL Group
2008 Wadah Khanfar, Director General, Al Jazeera Networks
2007 Lionel Shriver, Author
2006 Rageh Omaar
2005 Dr Robert Pepper, Cisco Systems
2004 (No Worldview Address)
2003 Chris Albrecht, Chairman and CEO, HBO
2002 Lord David Puttnam

2001 John de Mol, President, Endemol Entertainment
2000 Barclay Knapp, President and CEO, NTL
1999 Caryn Mandabach, President, The Carsey Werner Company
1998 Elisabeth Murdoch, General Manager, Sky Television
1997 Bob Phillis, Chief Executive, BBC Worldwide and Deputy Director General BBC
1996 John Hendricks, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Discovery Communications Inc.
1995 Michael Fuchs, HBO Warner Music Group
1994 Barry Diller, Chairman, QVU
1993 (No Worldview Address)
1992 Moses Znaimer, Founder of CityTV, Much Music and Musique Plus, Canada.
1991 Gerard Le Febvre, CLT
1990 Steven J Ross, Time Warner

The Richard Dunn Memorial Interview

Inaugurated in 1999 in memory of the respected former chairman of Thames Television, this platform is distinct in its remit to look at the personal business vision, creative strategy and management style of a major TV executive.

2014 Tessa Ross, Head of Film4
2013 (No Richard Dunn Memorial Interview)
2012 Michael Apted, Director
2011 Jon Thoday, Founder, Avalon Group
2010 Jimmy Mulville, Managing Director, Hat Trick Productions
2009 Robert Peston, BBC Business Editor
2008 Jamie Oliver

2007 Gerry McCann

2006 Luke Johnson, Chairman, Channel 4
2005 Ricky Gervais & Stephen Merchant
2004 Simon Cowell
2003 Greg Dyke, Director General, BBC
2002 Chris Evans

2001 Dawn Airey, Chief Executive, Channel 5
2000 Adam Singer, Chief Executive, Telewest Communications
1999 Charles Allen, Chairman, Granada Media Group & CEO, Granada Group

The Futureview Address

Inaugurated in 2007, the Futureview Address aims to explore cutting-edge issues in technology and their effects on the broadcasting and media industries.

2014 (No Futureview Address)
2013 What the Hell’s Big Data and Why Should What Sky and Tesco Are Doing With It Matter to Creatives?
2012 Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer & Vice President of Content, Netflix
2011 Glenn Brown, Director of Business Development, Twitter
2010 Sandy Climan, Chief Executive Officer, 3ality Digital
2009 Ashley Highfield, Managing Director and Vice President, Consumer and Online, Microsoft UK
2008 Clay Shirky, Writer and Professor of Interactive Telecommunications, NYU
2007 Janus Friis, Chairman & Founder, Joost