Adam Barth

Format Development, Sales & Business Affairs Manager
New Media Vision

Adam is a U.S. ex-pat based in New Media Vision’s London offices. Adam manages all format acquisitions, sales, and localisations for New Media Vision as well as Business Affairs across the whole business. In Adam’s three years with NMV he has worked across a number of content & format deals including: The Mysteries of Laura, which is the first scripted Spanish format to be adapted by a U.S. network and is premiering on NBC (US) this September starring Debra Messing. In addition to his format responsibilities, Adam is also currently Exec Producing Zoltan the Wolfman which will premiere in over 100 countries in 2015.

“Adam has been an asset to NMV since day one. He has creative flair and a great work ethic. As Adam’s skills have grown, he has successfully expanded our company’s content portfolio. Adam has a great career ahead of him.”

Todd Lituchy, CEO, New Media Vision