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Delivering Diversity: From 90210 to E20

The Creative Diversity Network (CDN) is funded by the UK’s main broadcasters and coordinates the ground-breaking Diamond diversity monitoring and reporting project, launched at Edinburgh 2016.

This session will follow shortly after publication of Diamond: The First Cut, with leading creatives and execs from the US and UK providing their hands-on experiences of successfully increasing diversity on and off screen, as well as discussing where more work needs to be done.  Are there different approaches in the US and what can we learn from broadcasters and producers there? What does success look and feel like both sides of the Atlantic?

The panel is chaired by CDN CEO Deborah Williams and includes award-winning Executive Producer Laura Korkoian (Born This Way, The Real World, The Simple Life), talking about her experiences of producing programming with diverse on-screen talent in the US;  BT Sport/BT TV COO Jamie Hindhaugh discussing  Stratford-based BT TV’s Diversity Strategy; and Charlie Pheby, Head of Casting at October Films revealing the different approaches to casting talent in the UK and US.