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Top Of The Pods: Can You Cash In On The Podcasting Boom?

From My Dad Wrote A Porno to S-Town, a series of international hits have raised the profile of podcasts and built a highly-engaged audience, particularly among young, urban, listeners. So, are podcasts about to become mainstream? Or is this actually ‘peak podcast’? And what would the consequences – both aesthetic and economic – be either way?

Join broadcaster – and award-winning podcaster – Edith Bowman as she asks a panel of podcast luminaries what they love and loathe about the medium, how they’ve used it to develop ideas, and, if she’s feeling bold, whether they’ve found a way to make money from it. With Danielle Ward (Do The Right Thing), Dan Schreiber (No Such Thing As A Fish), Clare Chadburn (Head of Development, Wisebuddah), and Dan Quick (Head of UK Content & Partnerships, Audioboom).”