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MacTaggart Speaker


James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture: Jon Snow

Award-winning journalist and broadcaster Jon Snow will deliver this year’s prestigious James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture.

Jon Snow is one of the UK’s leading television journalists and broadcasters and been the face of Channel 4 News since 1989, having reported for ITN since 1976. He has covered many of the defining news events of the last 40 years including the fall of Idi Amin in Uganda, the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan, the fall of the Berlin wall, and the release of Nelson Mandela – as well as the elections of Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Barack Obama and most recently, Donald Trump.

Jon’s career has spanned huge changes to news and broadcasting and he has been at the forefront of Channel 4 News’ success in engaging young and diverse audiences with its digital journalism, as it has become one of the UK’s leading video news brands on social media.