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Meet the Controller: Ben Frow, Channel 5

Channel 5 is once again outperforming terrestrial rivals and has a burgeoning reputation with indies, critics and viewers alike, with the Channel 5 family enjoying a 6% growth in all viewers in the year to date and a 6% rise in upmarket audiences.

But just who is Ben Frow, what’s the thinking behind his schedule and what is it actually like to work with him and his team?

In a change to the usual controller session format, Ben has agreed to go onto the therapist’s couch to appear in a very special Edinburgh Festival version of his hit show, [Ben Frow]: In Therapy

He’s also going to share insight into his schedule and we’ve invited some production companies who’ve worked with Channel 5 during the last year to lift the lid on what it’s actually like to pitch to, and produce for, the most decisive man in television.

Famed for his honesty and not pulling any punches, Frow’s controller session is a must-see.