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Controller Sessions


Meet the Controller: Charlotte Moore, BBC

BBC One is the UK’s most-watched television station and, in many ways, the place where the nation gathers in times of celebration and crisis. Join BBC Director of Content and Controller of BBC One, Charlotte Moore, as she talks us through the channel’s highs and lows over the last year, tantalises us with clips of upcoming programmes, and gives her advice on how best to go about getting your shows on BBC One, no matter how big or small a company you are – or where you’re based.  She will also be welcoming key commissioning leads Alison Kirkham, Kate Phillips, Piers Wenger, and Shane Allen to the stage to help her explain what they are looking for next and to underline just how ready they are to hear – and back – the next big idea, wherever it comes from.  Who knows, perhaps attending this session will give you the inspiration that develops into the next Strictly Come Dancing, Sherlock, or Mrs Brown’s Boys?