TV: A Culture of Abuse?


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No-one was left in any doubt about the importance of having our debate: TV: A Culture of Abuse, on Friday, when several brave women in the audience contributed their own experiences after listening to our candid, powerful and passionate discussion on abuses of power.

The fear and emotion in their voices was plain to hear and for legal reasons, they are not all featured in our film of the debate – watch here

Dame Janet Smith, Rachel Corp, Anna Richardson, Darren Childs, and Afroditi Pina

However, we are continuing to talk to them and to support them in a number of ways, but it has made us all the more determined to keep this debate alive and ensure that the TV industry seizes on the wider seismic shift that’s taken place in society in just the past few months.

The debate which will be available to view soon included panellists debating our exclusive research which shows that of the 315 TV professionals we surveyed, nearly three quarters have experienced bullying at work and more than half have experienced sexual harassment.

Worryingly, nearly 70% said they didn’t report bullying and nearly 85% didn’t report sexual harassment with people noting an “unregulated” and “toxic” environment and “not enough action from industry leaders.”

Sian Williams, Dame Janet Smith, Rachel Corp and Anna Richardson

The panel covered everything from workers rights, company culture and the psychological reasons behind the shocking lack of trust in reporting abuse, as well as some distressing personal experiences.

All of which went to highlight just how vital it is for all those at the top to set an example and drive through change to ensure that every single one of us does one very simple thing: respect each other.

Karl Burnett, VP Human Resources, A&E Networks