A tribute to Chrisella Ross

I was extremely saddened to learn of the passing of Chrisella Ross, one of 2015’s Ones to Watch, this morning. Every year we meet hundreds of people during our outreach activities – but I vividly remember meeting Chrisella for the first time. Championed by Amanda Millen, she introduced us on a rainy, windswept day in February in Stornoway. Amanda insisted “Now Chrisella is One to Watch,” but Chrisella, displaying the unassuming nature I’ll remember her for, brushed off the praise. That night we had a great talk, and I learned all about how she’d gone from teaching to creating Bannan for MG ALBA. By the end I think I’d just about twisted her arm to overcome her modesty and put an application in, and was very pleased to see that she had.

The next time we met was at the interview stage in Glasgow and it was one of my favourite interviews that year – I was left in no doubt that she would be a fantastic and unique mentor and couldn’t wait to introduce her to the other 29 Ones to Watch.

You can find out more about Chrisella’s achievements here.

The most rewarding thing about Ones to Watch is seeing how all 30 participants get to know each other and bond as a group, regardless of their specialism, background and experience. Chrisella was a beloved member of 2015’s cohort, bringing wisdom, enthusiasm and a wealth of life experience from beyond television to everyone. They all join me in mourning her passing, and our thoughts are with her family. Great stories, and great talent come from all over the country and some unexpected places, and I can think of no better example of that than Chrisella.

Campbell Glennie – Director, Talent Schemes