The TV Festival is pleased to announce its selection of the 30 candidates for its senior talent scheme, Ones to Watch (OTW), following an application process and a series of interviews across the UK.

The successful applicants for OTW have been selected from leading production companies and broadcasters, including Lime Pictures, Darlow Smithson Productions, True North and the BBC, as well as freelancers across the UK. They have come from all areas of the TV industry – including producers from all genres, script editors, directors, digital practitioners and professionals from PR and planning. Of the final 30 selected from 400 applications, 50% are non-White British, 37% from BAME backgrounds, 73% are female and 13% are disabled.

The OTW candidates will enjoy a series of exclusive workshops and masterclasses at the TV Festival in August, led in previous years by prominent industry executives and creatives including Jay Hunt, Charlotte Moore, Vince Gilligan and Vinay Patel. In addition, they will be showcased to over 2000 delegates at the TV Festival, and will receive 12 months of mentoring from the best in the business.

Campbell Glennie, Director, Talent Schemes, Edinburgh International TV Festival, says: “We have long been committed to finding and nurturing the very best talent from across the country and a range of backgrounds. Every year, we are amazed by the standard of talent and this year has been no exception. The final 30 were selected based not only on their drive and enthusiasm, but also on their portfolio to date and their potential to go far in the TV industry.”

You can see their individual profiles here, and the full list of the successful delegates is as follows:

Bryony Arnold, Tiger Aspect Drama

Amandeep Bhangu, Freelance

Nicola Brown, Freelance

Sholla Coker, BBC Continuing Drama

Daniel Cripps, Boomerang

Abigail Dankwa, Freelance

Jemma Gander, Freelance

Olivia Isaacs, Freelance

Ceri Isfryn, Freelance

Rory Jackson, Freelance

Emma Jones, Freelance

Leah Jones, Twofour

Rachael Kinley, BBC

Lindsay Konieczny, Blast! Films

Chitsidzo Kurangwa, DSP

Ben Lowe, Supermassive

Oliver Martin, BBC Worldwide

Clarissa Maycock, BBC

Lisa Murphy-O’Reilly, Freelance

Christopher Osborne, Freelance

Cherish Oteka, Scaled Fence Films

Natalie Pandya, BBC

Hayley Raper, True North

Anna Robertson, Freelance

Jarek Rozenfeld, True North

Dershe Samaria, Nuwave Pictures

Adriana Timco, BBC Studios

Bonita Wadhwa-Kolcak, Lime Pictures LTD

Anthony White, Studio Lambert

Thom Will, IJPR