The Festival Team’s Festive TV Picks

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Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe 2016 because the way things are going it could be the series finale. And by series I mean life on Earth.

29 December |  10pm  |  BBC Two






The Halcyon,
glamour, glitz, love and political intrigue at this classy hotel should help offset the misery of dry January.

2 January  |  9pm  |  ITV 







Cunk on Christmas is my festive pic as just like Philomena I’m also on a festive mission to track down the true meaning of Christmas, and find out exactly what it is he wants.

29th December  | 10pm  |  BBC2.



The Great Christmas Bake-Off – last time we’ll have the dream team all together in one tent. Plus my all-time favourite contestants Howard  and James are back.

Christmas Day  |  4.45pm  | BBC 1







Mariah’s world – i”m looking for some 2017 wardrobe inspo.

Sunday’s  |  9pm  |  E!  







The QI Christmas Special and Screenwipe, mainly to see if Charlie Brooker will gloat about his Black Mirror predictions

QI  | 22 December |  10pm  |  BBC 2