Festival round-up

A little over 2 weeks ago, we were gearing up for what turned out to be the biggest TV Festival yet with more delegates, sessions, networking, global press – and coverage – than ever before.

The MacTaggart lecture delivered by Vice’s Shane Smith was as divisive as we imagined:  it was either one of the best, or one of the worst depending on your perspective, job title – and often age; the varied reactions exposing a rift between established TV veterans and the new crowd following in their wake.

Nevertheless, it threw up some vital points – not least the challenge of attracting younger audiences without patronising or leaving them feeling “disenfranchised” in the face of the “private club” that is mainstream media.

Smith’s views were rigorously explored by Channel 4’s Jay Hunt in the following day’s post-MacTaggart and made everything from the broadsheets and the BBC News at Ten to Forbes.


There are far too many highlights to mention here which is why catching up with all the sessions via our YouTube channel is the only sensible thing you can do. Indeed, some 86,000 people have already watched our The Grand Tour masterclass with Andy Wilman, which covered ‘that’ punch and revealed exclusive new footage.

Other popular sessions include the hugely talented but limelight-hating Sally Wainwright opening up to Russell T Davies; the whistlestop tour through The Late Late Show’s production –fascinating and exhausting in equal measure; Frankie Boyle’s critique of mainstream comedy in his conversation with Sharon Horgan and Charlotte Moore addressing talent pay – not to mention the battle over BakeOff…


We also caused a media scrum when Olympic gold medallist Nicola Adams arrived fresh off the plane from Rio for the BT Sport session and fulfilled many people’s dreams by holding a masterclass on what’s billed as the biggest show in the world: The Walking Dead. We also got to see Bryan Singer’s X-Men tattoo; Fox’s Jeff Ford mercilessly teased in Taskmaster and our favourite: Britain’s bravest TV execs, including Advisory Chair Fiona Campbell, featuring  in the Mail Online for Lip Sync Battle!


Huge thanks to all our cast and crew and to you our  delegates. Please let us know your feedback by completing the 10 minute survey on the link below, and if your favourite session isn’t on our YouTube channel yet, don’t worry, it’s on its way!

Our next event will take place on October 14 at BT Tower. Watch this space for details.