After the controversial TV licence deal with the BBC, for the first time the TV Festival is inviting delegates to video their own ‘Dear John’ message, and e-mail it to the TV Festival team at: info@thetvfestival.com. Video questions must last no longer than 10 seconds, and messages can be recorded by either phone, or by the vine app, and then submitted via the email address above to the TV Festival. The best comments will feature in Alastair Stewart’s one-on-one interview with Whittingdale on Wednesday 26th August from 1345 – 1445.

Advisory Chair, Zai Bennett, said: “The nature of the new TV licence deal has prompted an important debate about the BBC’s role and how it is to be funded. We are delighted that John Whittingdale is coming to the TV Festival, in what is our 40th Anniversary Year. I’m sure that delegates will have many pressing questions to ask, and I’m thrilled we are able to offer the opportunity for them to record and post their messages, and hear his answers.”

The ‘Dear John’ messages follow the news that Whittingdale will face questions from journalist and ITN newsreader Alastair Stewart about BBC charter renewal, the licence fee, and about whether privatisation is on the agenda for Channel 4.

The deadline for submitting your video message is Friday 7 August.